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Having data doesn’t mean that you have got it all. Analysing the data, bringing out the meaningful elements to all levels in the organization makes the total difference.

Our Journey with Acura

Data, Analysis & Insights

We make it easy to convert complex and high-volume data into actionable insight and thus making it easier at every level to make better decisions. We offer web based and hosted services without the expense of installation and maintenance, making sophisticated Business Intelligence (BI) affordable for every enterprise.Our solutions are user friendly, scalable and reliable and we are not confined to any platform or tool, we provide Business Intelligence solutions at all levels and ensure complete client satisfaction.

Our Offerings


Dashboards allow you to access all the relevant information that is needed to seamlessly conduct your operations.

  • Depict data to emphasize efficiencies & flaws in your business.
  • Indicate positive and negative trends for an organization over time.
  • Present visual data from all departments on a common interface


Our Offerings


Analytics will provide clearer insights with thorough data visualization enabling people in making smart decisions.

  • Understanding success and failure components through statistical analysis.
  • Predict future challenges and opportunities more accurately, while keeping track of your previous trends.


Our Offerings

Enterprise Reporting

Enables every level in the organization to get actionable information at their fingertips and allows multiple integration points with impeccable accuracy.

  • Access a single report in multiple languages, formats, and devices from various locations.
  • Unify reports that combine related views of an organization and to easily manage and share common patterns.


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We will kick start your business intelligence journey and strengthen your data and your decision making.

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