Acura Technologies, Fastest growing technology solutions organization with headquarters in Malaysia, they have huge data, using legacy-reporting system and unable to generate appropriate reports to meet their daily business needs. Preparing reports for their quarterly meeting and portfolio insights is very challenging and as a result they are unable to make better decisions.

When VouchSolutions has first meeting with Acura, we were able to understand their pain points and operational challenges, after presenting our solution, they were convinced and planned to go-ahead with Business Intelligence Project.

After signing NDA with Acura, we have started building pilot project, where we started analyzing data, filling in the loops, constructing relevant data templates (along with sample data), based on client requirements, we came up with insights and then dashboards considering subset of requirements, after completing 3 cycles of testing, we deployed the dashboards and client was extremely happy with the pilot project and asked us to go ahead with full implementation; analysis, building templates, insights, dashboards, testing and deployment took 2 complete months and the result, they were now able to see their portfolio wherever they are with a single click from their PC, ipad and mobile and were able to make right decision.

Client team members were so supportive throughout the project life cycle, with our communication strategy we were able to keep things transparent and were able to agilely beat challenges keeping out client in loop, it was a win-win project and we proudly say that we have bought the difference and breathed new life to into their operations.

What Acura Say About Us

“VouchSolutions has simplified our operations and have completely eliminated our data challenges, now we have beautiful and meaningful insights for our portfolios and we thank VouchSolutions for such a fantastic job”.