"How We Increased SEO Results From Nowhere (almost zero) To Number 1 Position and Improved Google Reviews by Fourfold for Mallika Spine Centre"

About Client

Mallika Spine Center was founded in the year 2007 by Dr. J.Naresh Babu,(MS (Ortho), FNB(Spine Surgery) director and Chief Spine Surgeon) which was started as an out-patient clinic. With skilled and dedicated work of Dr. J.Naresh Babu, the establishment has steadily grown over the years.

"Problem/ Challenges We Have Taken"

Search Engine Optimization

Mallika Spine Hospital had a website designed years ago and wasn’t reflecting its contemporary products, brand values, and the website was not performing as expected. Because of this Mallika Spine Centre had bypassed the first pillar of SEO success.

Social Media Optimization and Social Media Marketing

The other thing is Mallika Spine Centre need to grow the fan base and their engagement on their social media space as well.

Online Reputation Management

The web or internet is no more a spot where you come just for information. it’s a platform where everyone can share their opinions, experiences, and thoughts. At present, customers playing a vital role in keeping a company’s indispensable components reputation, notoriety, and its prosperity. This is the reason why Online Reputation Management (ORM) is an important part of branding for each organization be it enormous or small. In this digital era, keeping up the reputation of a business online is of prime significance.

Even though Mallika Spine Centre has a good reputation, they had issues with negative reviews in their google my business page, which were placed by other competitors, due to this reason their local search results not reflected in search engines.

"We Work Behind The Scenes To Make Mallika Spine Centre Look Great To Their Clients"


  • The first action plan we have taken is a deep analysis of their current website performance and drawbacks.
  • We redesigned their website to improve the user experience. We also added user-centric, high-quality content to attract, engage and retain the targeted audience.
  • In this process, We found that their website has low traffic, not ranked for any of their productive keywords. We have analyzed and selected their productive keywords for their major targeted locations and optimized it for users by considering the latest search engine optimization techniques including technical implementations to improve the ranking results #1in search engines.
  • Since the ultimate goal is to bring sales, the immediate step we took was to optimize the website for conversions and optimized their landing pages to increase user engagement.
  • For Social Media and online branding, we made colorful mockups for featuring their services. We also included short and attractive content for describing their services.
  • When coming to local search results, our goal was to improve their online reviews. Since the negative reviews content couldn't be internally removed, we opted to push it down by generating a tiny URL (which contains a leave a review) link, and we sent to patients to leave a positive review to share their treatment experience and we also optimized positive content in their google my business page profile by adding good descriptions about their hospital, services and posted regular posts with relevant, high-quality content.


  • Increased Search Engine results from Zero to #1 in Search Engines for their productive keywords in the targeted locations as shown in below table.
Keyword Position
best spine hospital in guntur 1
best spine hospital in prakasam 1
best spine hospital in vijayawada 1
best spine hospital in andhrapradesh 1
best spine doctor in guntur 1
best spine doctor in prakasam 1
best spine doctor in vijayawada 1
  • For ORM the outcome was positive for the client. Locally, an increase in positive reviews was improved and the star rating increased to fourfold